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CHAPTER 2: The family continues to grow

Only a year after Amy was born, the Cimorelli family welcomed another child, Alexander. They started calling him Alex almost immediately. Along with Lisa, Alex was one of the more introverted and shy members of the family. Whenever anyone came to the door, Alex would hide behind his mom. He was very thoughtful, observant and analytical from a young age. As a kid, Alex could be described as “a man on a mission.”  He was incredibly curious and used to empty out all the drawers in the house, make huge messes and stick things into the outlets. Alex was also always very sunny and smiley, and whenever people met him, they instantly loved him.

Two years later, Lauren was born, continuing the long line of girls in the Cimorelli family. Lauren loved music and learned to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star in Latin at the age of 2. She was also fearless and kept up with her older siblings. She loved skateboarding and swimming, and was confident in her ability to succeed. She was also very serious and focused, and sometimes if something she did seemed less than perfect to her, she would burst into tears of frustration. Lauren loved fashion and putting together fun and funky outfits. Christina loved dressing her up as a “model” for photoshoots, and as usual, Lauren was up to try anything!

Not long after Lauren came into the family, another little girl was born. Danielle, although close in age to Lauren, was very different from her older sister. Where Lauren was more sporty, Dani (her nickname from a young age) was more of a girly girl and was obsessed with carrying a purse and a pink toy cell phone. Dani was sassy and fun, and up for any adventure. She loved making up games with her siblings, often creating her own “restaurant”  or “cafe” and cooking food for her siblings. Dani was quick to learn and try new things, and always excited by a new experience. The next child in the Cimorelli family was another boy, Christian. He was naturally deep, inquisitive and very smart. More on the introverted side, Christian loved reading and music. He started playing the drums when he was 2, learning new rhythms very quickly and with ease. Christian also loved writing songs and he made his siblings smile with the lyrics he came up with. By the time Christian was born, his older sisters Christina, Katherine and Lisa were quite a bit older than him (ages 9-12) and they loved having a baby brother in the house who was so little. 

There seemed to be a pattern that each sibling was extremely different than the one right above them. Nick, the next brother born, was no exception to that rule. Where Christian was more quiet, thoughtful, and even philosophical, Nick was wild, fierce, and a force to be reckoned with. Nick had endless energy and hated sitting still for longer than a couple minutes. Nick was very stubborn and particular about things, similar to his sister Christina. Christian was so excited to have a brother so close to his age, as they were 18 months apart, and they quickly became best friends.

In the year 2005, the family was completed. The last boy of the family, Joseph, nicknamed Joey, was born and he completed the trio of the youngest boys. Joey, like Nick, was full of boundless energy. He was known to run around and play with his siblings nonstop until he would randomly fall asleep in the family room. Joey was easygoing and very smiley, and like his older siblings, loved music from a young age. Joey would sing often and loved to entertain his older siblings. Christian and Nick were so happy to have another little brother to play with, and the three of them became inseparable.

To be continued.. 

Next week, we will learn more about the early days of the Cimorelli family!


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